When Your Apple Pencil Needs a New Tip

Apple Pencil may feel even more fluid than a traditional pen upon first use. Yet, it doesn’t live forever, just like any other electronic device. Quick wear on the tip can change a smooth glide into a clumsy one.

Buy apple pencil tips (ซื้อหัวปากกาไอแพด, term in Thai) as a spare purchased from Apple and are easily swapped out. But how can you know when your Apple Pencil needs a new tip?

The Observable Indicators

Often, you can tell if it’s time to switch the tip by simply looking at it. The Apple Pencil is brand new and shiny; however it may show signs of wear over time. In the worst circumstances, the metal beneath the seemingly smooth surface will be visible, and the surface will appear jagged. If this occurs, you should get a replacement tip for your Apple Pencil. If you don’t, you could crack the screen on your iPad.

The insensitivity of the pencil

The iPad is particularly sensitive to the pressure applied by the pencil. Changing your tip is something you should consider doing if you find that you have to tap rather forcefully or that the first time you tap it doesn’t register properly.

The Clock

It’s recommended to do this at least once every two years. Most Apple Pencil owners would be wise to swap out the tip once per year. In case you rely heavily on your pencil, you may want to sharpen it more frequently. It’s possible that even after two years, the Pencil’s tip will still be in pristine condition if you just use it to snap the rare screenshot.

Brushes aren’t functioning as intended

While using Procreate, do you sometimes find that your brush strokes have tiny, unconnected gaps? It could be another indicator that it’s time to change your tip, assuming, of course, that you are not using a brush that is meant to accomplish this.

The worn-down tip is harsh to the touch

Try the Pencil out by running your finger along the tip. Is the plastic cracked and uncomfortable to the touch? It’s time for an upgrade.

Instructions for Swapping Out the Tip of Your Apple Pencil

Several online retailers sell replacement tips for the Apple Pencil. Apple’s approved replacements come in a four-pack and work with both Pencil iterations.

Squeeze it between two fingers, then turn it counterclockwise to unscrew the current tip from your Apple Pencil. In theory, you should be able to remove it in a flash. When it is removed, replace the new pencil tip on the metal prong and tighten the screw in a clockwise direction until it is secure. The moment it becomes difficult to turn again is when you can release your grip.

Tips for Safeguarding the apple pencil tips When Applying a Matte Screen Protector

Take it easy when drawing. Apple Pencil responds to light pressure, so don’t worry about breaking it.

Make use of the Apple Pencil Tip Covers. Experiment with cheaper Apple Pencil Tips. Consider whether the investment in a matte screen protector is worthwhile.

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