For beginners retrieving product data manually from several sources can be time-consuming and stressful, not to mention that the process is prone to errors that can cost you significant product sales. To make matters worse, you find out the product data you have pulled is likely out of date, inconsistent or incomplete. Thankfully a product information management system enables you to gather, centralize and streamline all your product data in a master source that structures it in a simple and easy to access way.

A product information management system is necessary for your eCommerce company, especially if you handle many products. So why should you consider using a product information management system?

Save time

A reliable product information management (PIM) system such as streamlines all your product data management by centralizing it in one easy-to-use location. Whenever you update a new product on your eCommerce catalog, a product information management system automatically updates your eCommerce website, datasheets, marketing platforms, and any other integrated channels. That saves you the time you would have spent manually updating each platform every time your products change.

To drive great customer experience.

The customer experience you provide your online consumers is what determines whether they buy from you or not, given that the eCommerce market is very competitive. Unlike physical shopping, where the customers can touch and feel the products, online shoppers rely on your product information to make a buying decision. Product information management can provide accurate and consistent product information or descriptions across all your marketing channels, improving the customer experience.

Boost your marketing speed

You are losing more revenue every time your product is on the proverbial shelf since you allow your competitors to launch the product on the market first, reducing the impact of your launch. When it takes you more hours or days to pull the product information to launch a product, then you are losing a lot of money. A product information management system is the solution to increasing your marketing speed because:

  • It provides you with a common source of all product data.
  • It enables you to focus on telling the story about your products.
  • It enables efficient marketing processes.

Achieve consistency across all your products

A product information management platform allows you to achieve consistency across all your products. When loyal clients begin their journey with your brand, they expect a consistent experience across all channels, from your eCommerce website to your social media platforms. A PIM system lets you make your product information consistent, especially if you manage complicated products.

Reduce the possibility of human error

Another reason to adopt a product information management system is to eliminate the possibilities of human error when it comes to product descriptions. It reduces manual work and enables you to consolidate product data in one platform with integrated systems; therefore, you don’t have to enter the data in several systems. That also increases your team’s productivity since they won’t waste time searching for product data.

The bottom line

A product information management system saves time, improves workflow efficiency, and enhances customer experience across all your business platforms.

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