The SmartDot

Every household now will have all sorts of wireless technology, some of which people will not realise has a certain amount of radiation output. Whether it’s your phone, tablet or laptop unfortunately, these devices do release a certain amount of radiation, although in most cases this is not harmful, there is something now that can reduce this output even if it’s just for your piece of mind.

The SmartDot is a round, self-adhesive piece of technology that you can attach to any smart device that you may feel could be harmful, and this will help to reduce the EMF output from the device.

Here we will take a look at the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ but for a more in depth review check out this SmartDot review.

What is EMF?

EMF or electromagnetic field is a type of radiation that all wireless and even wired technology will transmit and expend.

Technology is becoming more and more powerful everyday with new technology being created at an alarming rate and because of this the radiation levels being emitted from these devices is increasing to potentially dangerous levels. The world Health Organisation now classifies EMF as a class 2b carcinogen.

How does the SmartDot work?

The SmartDot quite simply emits its own harmless frequency which sends the EMF back to the device to protect you from it. This doesn’t affect the devices functionality or connectivity.

This principle is called the law of entrainment and is completely safe for the human body.

Everyone’s body reacts differently to EMF radiation but it can affect your blood flow, organ functionality and a person’s concentration so when using the SmartDot all of these things will improve in some way for each person. The SmartDot will also obviously reduce the amount of EMF poisoning symptoms.

EMF poisoning symptoms can include reddening of the head, tiredness, stress, headaches, pins and needles, reduced energy. Productivity will naturally improve if you don’t have to continue with any of those symptoms.

Symptoms and each body can react differently to EMF depending on each person’s sensitivity to the radiation along with the time each person spends in a certain location or on their devices.

If you would like to know more about the risks of EMF and the radiation that might be emitted from your everyday devices at home then you should read some more about what some experts had to say about the subject here.

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