The Main Uses of Printed Circuit Boards

Today, almost every device that we use incorporates printed circuit boards. These circuit boards are quite widespread and they offer many benefits making them ideal for manufacturing of electronic devices. This is why these boards are found in almost everything from small consumer devices to big machineries. Read on to know some of the common used of printed circuit boards in different industries.

Consumers Electronics

With the advancing technology, electronic devices have become a significant part of our everyday lives. PCBs coupled with SMT technology helps in the functioning and effectiveness of devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions, and many more. Printed circuit boards guarantee correct operation of consumer devices and allows smaller devices to be created with numerous capabilities and functionalities. Furthermore, PCB manufacturing processes for consumer electronics tends to relatively inexpensive to guarantee lower prices.

Industrial Equipment

Industrial sector utilizes SMT technology and PCBs in a variety of ways. Electronic components are used for powering equipment and in manufacturing and distribution centers and other industrial environments. PCBs used in industrial environments must be durable and high powered to withstand the harsh conditions since they will be operating around harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, vibrating machinery, and rough handling. PCBs used in industrial sector are made from thermal-resistant durable metals and are thicker than the normal PCBs.

Medical Devices

With new technology being incorporated into the healthcare industry, PCB manufacturers help to add capabilities to devices. PCBs are used in medical devices meant for diagnostics, monitoring, treatment, and many more. These printed circuit boards must be extremely reliable because they are meant for improving the health of patients. In addition, they must satisfy set sanitation standards. In the healthcare industry, PCBs are used in devices such as infusion pumps, internal devices, medical imaging systems, and monitors.


Light-emitting diodes or LEDs are mainly used for lighting in both residential and commercial properties. They are also used in a range of industries including automobiles, medicines, and computer technology owing to their compact size, energy efficiency, and durability. PCBs are used in LEDs because they help in transferring heat from the bulb. This is crucial since high temperatures causes faster burn out of LEDs and PCBs eliminate the use of extra heat sink allowing for compact and smaller designs.

Aerospace Constituents

The aviation industry also uses printed circuit boards. PCBs for aerospace applications must handle extremely harsh conditions such large amounts of vibrations and extreme temperatures. PCBs are used in all kinds of equipment such as planes, communication systems, space shuttles, satellites, and many more. PCBs that are meant for use in the outer space explorations must be more durable to withstand extreme conditions.

Automotive Industry

PCB manufacturing is crucial for the automotive industry. PCBs are used in vehicles to make driving easier and safer and offer countless advanced features. The PCBs used in vehicles must withstand the extreme temperatures and vibrations inside the vehicle and operate without failure.  In the automotive industry, PCBs are used for mounting sensors for engine management, navigation, control systems, in-car entertainment systems, and even fuel regulation.

Maritime Sector

Electronic devices and equipment used in the maritime industry contain innumerable numbers of printed circuit boards. PCBs are used in all kinds of communication systems, navigation equipment, small marine vessels, submarines, and even large cargo ships. PCB materials must be have durable materials and go through special treatment to help them avoid corrosion caused by exposure to saltwater, water fresh water. PCBs are also used in the naval industry for device used for navigation and control of ships.

As you can see, printed circuit boards have a range of applications across different industries. When looking for a PCB manufacturer, ensure that you go for a one-stop company that caters to all your needs. They should also use innovative technology with quick assembly and manufacturing capability for a range of industries. This is important since circuit boards have become a crucial part of our everyday lives.

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