Make Your Website ADA Compliant with the User-Friendly Accessibe WordPress Plugin

Every business owner should give importance to accessibility and work to ensure users with disabilities do not have problems navigating their sites. The subject of accessibility is not limited to the idea of using assistive technologies or screen readers for your site. They are an integral part of it. However, it also implies web design, keeping in mind the needs of users with disabilities on the Internet.

The Accessibe WordPress Plugin for WordPress sites

With the help of the Accessibe WordPress plugin, you can boost the accessibility of your site in a cost-effective and timely manner. You no longer have to adhere to manual adherence when it comes to fixing accessibility issues for your site. Business owners should be aware that there are two types of disabilities and they are temporary and permanent. When it comes to catering to the second type of disability, accessibility becomes challenging as here you need to reconsider the web design or the way the site interacts with the input of the user.

Take, for example; you may have a page that asks users to fill in their full names. The name of a person is sensitive information, and so you do not want users to type their name on every page of your site. However, there can be a case where a person forgets their name, even their first and last name, or they may have a physical disability that stops them from typing a single letter at a time. This is where the above plugin will step in for help. It is a tool that gives users the advantages of input prompt and auto-complete.

What do you mean by them?

When it comes to input prompt, it refers to the site with a field that asks for a person’s full name, and there are other pages where this information is not critical. With the help of this plugin, you are able to get an input prompt that surfaces only on those web pages where such information is needed. These prompts are displayed as a tooltip box that comes on the screen when a user hovers over the input field, and it generally has text or images or even both. You can also get a unique setting for the length of the popup to stay visible before it goes into hiding itself.

On the other hand, the auto-complete option helps a user who has trouble typing. The tool will suggest words that are based on what the user has in the past already used. Even if they commit a mistake and have to delete part of this entry, the function will remember what they started to type and will offer it as a suggestion later.

When you have an accessible website for your business, you will enjoy a number of benefits like better traffic, sales, and business growth in a short span of time! With the help of the Accessibe WordPress plugin, you can help users with the above two functions. However, you must ensure that besides these functions, the other accessibility issues that the plugin highlights are also arrested and rectified.

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