How Do You Create Quality Content That Boosts SEO And SERP Ranking?

The digital world is taking a beautiful turn. Its roads are now getting cleaned for the morning runs. It is now seeing digital runners jogging in the morning while chanting “content is the king! content is the king!” And although you might have heard experts saying lengths about investing in link building, web development, and to get the SEO Packages for lowest price, there is a latest addition — Quality Content. What is quality content? And how can one excel at it besides working on SEO and backlinks? See more on how digital experts work!

The way to the top of SERP is like a triathlon – one needs to work on many different areas to see success at last.

What do we mean by ‘Content is King’?

Content is king was a phrase coined by some digital experts in the late 2010s. The years in the 2010s were a blend of good and bad. These years were eerie. We saw the fall of manipulation (to some extent) and the rise of goodness. Back in the later 2010s Google had announced its update that worked on tackling poor quality shallow content. It all started in the year 2011 with the Panda Update.

Panda Update was a major Google update that worked on sniping content manipulation. There were people who were stuffing their websites with targeted keywords. It led to the internet becoming a cesspool. Panda update targeted areas like keyword stuffing, duplicate content, plagiarized content, and shallow content. Then followed Hummingbird in 2013 that worked on handling shallow and poor quality content using NLP. NLP stands for Natural Language Processing and it helps Google to understand the semantic part of a phrase. Now, you would be able to rank for a given keyword even when there is not an exact match.

A similar update then followed it all. Google had now worked on a few major things at this point in time –

  • NLP
  • Semantics
  • A.I. and Machine Learning

But the major of all these updates came in the form of BERT. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It was a revolutionary update that worked on identifying content that was poor, lacked focus, and lacked context. The Internet was no more about creating content but creating exceptional quality content. The websites that lacked focus and were just trying to stuff the internet were soon smashed to the ground.

This is when the slogan of “Content is the King” took a real rise.

Now, as we know what do we mean by Content is King, how do we work on it? How do we create quality content that helps a website rank on SERP and the internet be a good place to surf?

How to create quality content that helps?

The requisite of creating quality content is an intention to help. If you just aim to create content, you won’t be able to make it very far. But what apart from intention alone? You indeed might want to get the SEO packages for lowest price. It helps shrink the budget and create space for some more investment. But how do we create quality content that helps in SEO and make a website rank on SERP? Well, there are some guidelines to follow and some things to avoid.

Here is how you create quality content for the web!

1 – Focus on User Experience!

It has been many years since Google is working on User Intention and User Experience. User Intention is its attempt to know what the user intends to look for when it searches on the search engine. It uses its ability to NLP and understands the meaning behind a user query. Based on its ability it offers certain results. And then it assesses the user behavior against those results. For example, it will see how much time the user is spending on the given webpage. Furthermore, it will see if the user is exiting immediately and opening another result. These are called User Signals and help Google understand things better.

If you are not offering what you are claiming in the title, you sure will face consequences in the long run. Your Bounce Rate will increase, Customer Retention Rate will fall, and Time-Spent-on-Page will fall too. All these things will lead to your lower SERP ranking. See more on how experts work around these things.

When you give what you claim, and from an expert’s POV, readers spend their precious time reading your content. And when they love the content, they share it too. This leads to Natural Link Building, which is the cream of quality backlinks.

2 – Make your content interesting and valuable at the same time!

We do not love people who are experts but know no way of how to teach it to others. Nor do we love people who have a terrific way to tell things but have no value in their content at all. It is a balance that works the best.

You must know what you are speaking. Furthermore, you must know how you are speaking it. Here are a few pieces of advice

  • Use narrative techniques to create engaging content.
  • If you are an expert at storytelling, use your skills.
  • Dialogues from a famous discussion.
  • Imagery can infuse life into your content.
  • Do not keep it too formal for god’s sake (unless you are in some serious profession). We are humans, not robots!

Following these things can help you gain that missing edge in your content.

3 – Structurize your site!

Your website should be an imitation of a wise sage in a meditative state where everything is so structured that there is no chaos, no noise of any sort. One way to do it is to leave your website blank. But you do not want it. Do you? Another way is to structurize your content.

A website that has a clear structure is a website that has a clear goal. And Google loves clarity. Here are a few things to take care around content structure –

  • A clear homepage that tells about who you are.
  • Proper categories and subcategories in your website. These are the major topics that you have knowledge about. For example, if your website is about sports – cricket, basketball, volley, etc. are categories. Rules, leagues, results, etc. are the subcategories.
  • Relevant internal link building to create an internal structure within your site.
  • Using schemas and other things

This not only helps your readers but boosts your SEO.

Follow these few things and you will ensure that your content is quality content that Google values the most. It will help your website see higher rankings on SERP and thus earn you goodness and goodwill.

Hire an SEO agency to take care of the technical minimum. Get the SEO packages for lowest price to have the start that your website deserves. See more about how you can help your business earn 300-400% times more revenue with the right tools.

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