Buying a Label Printer: The Right Printer Gets the Job Done Right

Every business needs labels, which are important for shipping goods, labelling products, as well as organizing and tracking stock. Because of the importance of a TSC desktop warehouse label printer in today’s businesses, it makes sense to make a smart choice to produce such labels. When picking a label printer, here are important considerations you must keep in mind:

Label Design

Unless you are a graphic designer who knows how to use complex design software, choose a label printer with software that makes printing easy. This software often provides pre-designed templates and built-in drawing tools as well as allows for importing photos, graphics, and clip art, making it easier to make a range of barcode formats. Also, find smart design software that converts your A4 page’s information to correctly sized labels to save both time and stress.


Purchasing a label printer for your warehouse is one thing; however, you also need to consider the consumables it uses. Direct thermal printing is designed to print directly onto labels without ribbon. If you need to print single labels or require labels of varying lengths, you can do so with an inbuilt cutter without wasting paper. 

Keep in mind that regardless of how high-quality your printer is, you must look for one that makes use of quality labelling tape for a reasonable price. You might find a cheap printer, but then you could end up purchasing expensive tape. 


Labels are meant for product identification, tracking, and promotion. Thus, they should not be smudged or illegible. Thus, ensure you pick a printer that can produce high-quality, attractive, readable labels that stay put. 


Traditionally, printing labels is done from a desktop PC that is connected to the printer through cable or Wi-Fi. However, you may need to print from a mobile device. If you must print labels away from your warehouse, you may need to invest in a mobile label printer. Also, you can opt for a printer that provides you with an AirPrint and Bluetooth capability. 

Customer Service

Printers that are labelled “industrial” are machinery. And if you are getting this machinery, you must know that salespeople will take care of you. Look for a company that will help you purchase the right printer for the job and make your experience worthwhile Also, the company should work with you when you need repairs and additional supplies. This starts the relationship and you must pick the right company to purchase a label printer from. 

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