3 Best TV Providers for Spanish Speakers in the US

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According to Statista, there are more than 41 million Spanish speakers in the USA. This is a huge number, and America takes pride in its diverse population. Understanding the needs of this segment of the population, there are particular TV providers who know exactly what their Spanish customers want. These providers are DirecTV, Spectrum, and Optimum!

DirecTV – Spanish Packages

DirecTV uses satellite technology to bring local, regional, and national programs to our homes. With satellite technology, DirecTV is able to get a wide number of channels on its radar.  It has some of the best plans and packages for sports lovers, thanks to the NFL Sunday ticket and lots of regional sports networks. 

If you opt for upper-tier packages, you might as well have access to 4K HDR sports programming. All DirecTV packages also come with premium channels such as Showtime and HBO Max that you can further use for on-demand titles in different languages.

When it comes to getting Spanish-language TV in your homes, DirecTV connects you with Spanish content from Latin America, Spain, the Caribbean, and the US. You get a variety of four base packages, and then you can utilize the add-on options offered by DirecTV. 

Here are the four basic packages for Spanish customers.


Includes 120+ channels

More than 55 channels and all essential English channels



Includes 205+ channels

Ideal for sports fans

More than 80 Spanish channels



Includes 240+ channels

Excellent choice of movie channels

80+ English channels



Includes 350+ channels

More than 100 Spanish channels

Variety of premium channels including HBO, Cinemax, HBO

Best for movie lovers, family homes, sports fans


Is DirecTV Worth it?

DirecTV’s most basic Latino package starts from $60 a month. This price is without any further add-ons and extra features. It might sound a little high to some people when put against providers like Spectrum and Optimum. However, DirecTV is a reliable provider and is widely available, where cable or IPTV can’t reach. 

Spectrum TV – Latino Packages

Spectrum takes pride in being the second-largest cable provider in the US. This makes its services reliable and worth a try. With coverage in more than 42 states, Spectrum TV should be available to most households very easily. It has many important benefits to offer, such as money-back guarantees and a free on-the-go TV app with its packages. 

However, its most noteworthy aspect is its especially dedicated customer to Spanish-speaking customers. You can get professional assistance and expert opinion in the language you understand better. Discover Spectrum’s Spanish plans by speaking to servicio al cliente de Spectrum.

Spectrum TV is more suitable for large households where complete entertainment and communication solutions are needed. This is because its TV plans for Latinos are full of value if you opt for the highest tier plan that includes TV with phone and internet too! 

  • Mi Plan Latino TV

Includes 140+ channels


  • Mi Plan Latino Double Play Silver

Includes 200+ channels 

Free HD programming

200 Mbps internet


  • Mi Plan Latino Triple Play Gold

Includes 250+ channels

Premium channels like HBO Max and SHOWTIME included for free

200 Mbps internet 

Includes unlimited calling in the US, Mexico, Canada, and more

Many calling features including voicemail


Is Spectrum TV Worth it?

Spectrum’s availability and its prices are what make it worthy. It is also fully dedicated to its Spanish audience and makes attempts to accommodate them by making a special customer support line for them and curating TV packages, especially for Spanish customers. All these features make Spectrum TV worthy. 

Optimum TV – TV Packages 

Optimum TV is highly recommended to people who need loads of on-demand streaming options with traditional TV. There are so many additional features that you can opt for and enjoy a full experience. 

Optimum does not have specially dedicated plans for Spanish speakers, but it has international programming in many languages, one of which is Spanish. Plus, its TV plans and packages are quite affordable and full of value too. 

Before diving into the details of Optimum TV packages, here are some important things about them:

  • Optimum TV plans come with a voice-activated remote that can be used to control your TV experience hands-free.
  • There are a few select movies and shows that you can stream in 4K at no additional cost
  • If you opt for the Optimum 1 gig internet and TV bundles, you can enjoy 150 hours of DVR recordings at no additional price. You will be able to record 15 shows simultaneously.

Optimum TV is available in three different tiers. You can bundle these tiers with internet speeds ranging between 300, 500, and 1000 Mbps. Optimum’s Spanish programming includes more than 50 Spanish channels that may include beIN Sports en Español, FOX Deportes, GOL TV, and many more!

Lastly, you get experts helping you out with your order at servicio al cliente de Optimum!

  • Core TV:  220+ channels
  • Select TV: 340+ channels
  • Premier TV: 420+ channels

Is Optimum TV Worth it?

Optimum TV is ideal for family homes where you need a one-stop solution to your internet and TV needs, there are plenty of add-on options, and you also have a dedicated customer service team for Spanish speakers. The only possible drawback to Optimum TV is its limited availability.

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